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09 March 2010 @ 09:04 pm
Plot Bunnies Galore  
So I wrote this on my phone just after seeing The Hurt Locker, and have spent the following 10 or so days trying to get the note off the damn phone. Technology - 15, Sam - 2 (poor laptop has now finally recovered after a hard drive transplant).

And now to the subject of today's ramblings:

OMG, I have to stop watching movies! I swear there are plot bunnies in the theatre, just waiting for me to bring in my Glee bunny, so they can multiply.

The Hurt Locker was kinda slow, then fast, then slow, which I guess is realistic of a soldier's life, just not all that enthralling for a movie. But the entire time I was thinking I could see Puck in the military, and though he and Rachel aren't together, she's the only one he can write to. Coz he can't bring his guy friends down like that, and Finn wouldn't understand all the complex things going through Puck's head. So he and Rach email back and forth about their lives, without commenting much on the other person's life. Then when he gets out they're both kinda lost, coz her dreams have been ripped to shreds by bad choices and a media who care more about the acting than the singing. So they get together and move to somewhere like Vegas, where he can fuel his adrenaline addiction with gambling, and she can sing to people who are more interested in the gambling than the singing, but at least they don't pan her acting skills.

And during The Blind Side (which is an okay movie with awesome acting by Sandra Bullock, btw), I was thinking about how Puck & Finn's fight would affect the football team post-Sectionals. As far as I remember, Puck plays left tackle, so what happens when he's supposed to be protecting Finn, the quarterback, but a) Finn doesn't trust him to do so and b) he doesn't really want to, either. Yeah, the team wasn't so great to start with, but if the two best players are fighting, I imagine things will be even worse.
Though as I'm typing this up, I've just remembered that Finn mentions something about the football season being over, when he talks to Will in Sectionals. :redface: Anyway...

These are the non-porn plot bunnies. But, let's be honest, porn + plot don't really go together (unless you're Angie, and amazingly awesome to be able to combine the two). But I have two porn ones that have more formation than "Puck + Rach going at it like rabbits". Lolz, no pun intended. However:
a) we know about Rachel's obsession with skirts in general school life, but she's usually good with pants for performances. So why was she wearing a skirt (and a black one, at that) during the performance in Hairography? Two words: Impatient!Puck, zipper.
b) Puck's training football jersey (the white see-through one). Rachel in nothing but it.
Okay, so that one is just pure smut. Whatevs. We all know I live in the gutter permanently.
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Twizzlerfuzzy_paint on March 9th, 2010 06:19 pm (UTC)
See, I told you I'd want to write them. Or at least READ THEM. DAMN.

I want the Soldier one really bad. At the moment I'm picturing something that's told almost completely in letters/emails/text messages/possibly phone calls/webcams (possibly newspaper clippings? Rachel's reviews/news of the war?) from Puck and Rachel to each other/other people. Which could really stress the difference between the things he writes to Rachel and the things he writes to Finn/the guys/the sister/mom. Also, UBER!ANGST because once they get to Vegas, I'm picturing Puck gambling away all their income, and debt collectors and Rachel can't be making all that much as a lounge singer (though I'm pretty sure they don't pay property taxes in Nevada) ... Yeah, not happy.

So maybe no football, but what about basketball? A five guy team versus an eleven (right?). The cohesiveness and yay!team morale would probably face severe detrimental effects should two of the guys on the team be unwilling to cooperate/pass the effing ball. I don't know much about basketball, (except that it's pretty fun to watch live) but it could work, right? IDK.

I need to stop thinking about Puck and Rachel so much. haha, LIES
Sam: Glee-Puck gunsnyafangirl on March 11th, 2010 01:54 pm (UTC)
Ooh, I like that idea. Almost like diary entries, except addressed to another person. And I can totally see Rach enclosing/quoting her reviews in her emails. Oooh, and I just had an idea! (another reason for msn - the awesomely emoticons) Rachel would likely write to Finn also, so we can see it's not just Puck keeping stuff from his other friends. Possibly I could do one from F-no. I'm not confident enough with Glee characters to go playing in the heads of those less-than-favourite characters.

And yes, of course it will have UBER!ANGST. I cannot envision soldier!Puck as anything but angsty, even if he does get off on all the adrenaline. He loves the boys club, but also has deep thoughts that he can't express/ignore through working his body into the ground. Defs not happy times. But there will have to be some fluffy bits, if only to keep you guys from drowning in the angst. Porn is fluff... right?

Meh, it could probably work, but basketball has less of a protective element than football *should not know this much about sports she has never played* And I can't see Finn sacrificing the team coz he's pissed at Puck. Though possibly it could be why he's playing basketball when Puck plays baseball... (remember Acafellas? "charge the pitcher, bring the bat")

Stop thinking about PR? Blasphemy! I'm now going over old fics, thinking how I could convert them for Puckleberry. Particularly this one piece, which is what I like to call 'gutter fluff' - it's basically all about sex, without the actions (any of them).

But before any of these *sigh* WIP. *thumps it*
Twizzlerfuzzy_paint on March 14th, 2010 11:54 pm (UTC)
If they're done right, letter!stories (or whatever they are called) can be pretty amazing. I've read some pretty amazing dialogue only fic, so I imagine they'd be kind of like that.

If I have to get in Finn's head, you have to get in Finn's head. We can character sketch him! I am such a dork.

I like the idea of using Finn's letters as well, because with Finn, you can show how dark/twisted/angsty Puck and Rachel's lives are - maybe everything's working out for Finn. Maybe he has a great job that he loves doing and is good at, and maybe he's got a great girlfriend/wife that adores him completely, *coughbrittanycough* and his life is just so great, whereas Puck and Rachel = sucksville. Population 2. (well, I imagine it's actually pretty populous, but w/e)

PORN IS MAGIC. That is all I have to say about that.

You're right about the protective element, so maybe an AU? Finn finds out before the end of the season? I think Finn could be selfish enough (I'm thinking about the Rhodes situation with Rachel - manipulating her feelings to get her to do what he needs). I don't know about Ohio seasons, but baseball is a spring sport, whereas basketball is a winter. I don't remember there being much overlap when I was in high school. Course, I didn't pay all that much attention to baseball.

Sex, without the actions? Am intrigued.

Write the WIP! WRITE should take my own advice